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Training Horses and Mules

This web site is for YOUR education in the Training of Horses and Mules. I am dedicating it to passing on what knowledge I have to you, and if you have ideas that you would like to share, send them to me and I will add them with mine. If your passion is an obsession like mine then you will want to help all in the training of the most magnificent of all animals,  the EQUINE.


Socks01526Mule School– I Steve Streadbeck of Freedom Ranch have developed a program for the Respectful Training of both Horse/Mule and Rider. I take both young and old animals as well as young and old riders and train them on groundwork as well as reining to produce for you the ideal Trail Saddle or Pack Animal Partnership. When you own a Horse/Mule that has been Mule Schooled you have an animal that is trained in most all conditions and environments, as well as: is obedient, responsive to both hand and leg cues and above all is respectful of you the handler. I call it Mule Schooled because when your animal is trained as I do Mules it just becomes better for you the owner/trainer and is more enjoyable to have and to ride. Also available I teach Riding Instruction, Trail Riding, and Survival Training Instruction for both horse and rider. Rates vary so call Steve at 801-830-6044 for scheduling and rates.