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Mule School

I don’t just train Mules/Horses I train Riders and Horses/Mules as a Unit.

Although I specialize in the training of Trail Horses and Mules I also train Horses/Mules and their Riders.  I teach you what you need to know for their training and what the Horse or Mule needs. But here is the key, and why I call it MULE SCHOOLED. Mule schooling is different in that there is a different psychology in the training of equines. Mules are less forgiving than Horses. That is why I train Horses as I do Mules. Why?  The facts are I get better results with my horses that way. It is also a UNIFIED effort between rider and animal. I teach the UNIT,  YOU and HORSE/MULE to become one with each other. There simply is no better way.