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Steve Portrait2About Me

Hello fellow Horse and Mule Lovers! My name is Steve Streadbeck and I have dedicated this site to the transfer of information on How To Train Horses and Mules. I have been developing training tools and tips for  years and now I am ready to share them with you. I hope you find them interesting but most of all informative. My goal is to make you all masters of training HORSES AND MULES. Come along with us on a Trail Ride.

This is a great opportunity for me to introduce my program to you. I have been training  horses and now mules a good part of my life. After months of training the perfect Trail Horse or Mule emerges.

About 3 years (2017) ago I fell and broke my back while felling a tree. I have been out of commission for most of that time. I haven’t done much since then. People still contact me and I give them what advice I can. I still love the Horse and the Mule. I’ll let you all know when I am back . Till then, Happy Trails.